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Division 10 Fiction

because we love division ten

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. : A B O U T | T H E | C O M M U N I T Y : .

This is a Bleach-related fanfiction community that revolves solely around the Gotei 13's Tenth Division, which (of course) means fanfiction centering on Tenth's leadership: Hitsugaya Toushirou and Matsumoto Rangiku. That is, unless you folks know other members of the Tenth Division that we do not. ;)

As of February 2008, we now have open membership. However, entries are being moderated and must be approved by a moderator before they appear. All members who were previously accepted under our old membership by application rule will not have their entries moderated.

. : H O U S E | R U L E S : .

-For Non-Members-
Please follow these rules when commenting:
Use courtesy when commenting on another author's work. While we do appreciate and encourage constructive criticism, we do not appreciate - and will crack down on - any flames that might arise. Flaming includes (but is not limited to) any sort of personal attack on the author, criticism that isn't grounded, or rude demands placed upon the author that have nothing to do with the story involved.
Read the post and rules before replying; this is merely a fanfiction archive. There is a [ Q&A Post ] if you have any questions about what you might find at this community.

Since this is a fairly small and narrow community, it's pretty easy to navigate. However, if you're having trouble finding something, please consult the [ tag list ].

-For Community Members-
What you may post here:
Tenth Division-centric Fanfiction (your own only - do not post another author's work!)
* This includes plot bunnies (asking for help or feedback), fiction snippets, chapters of in-progress works, and (of course) completed fanfiction.
* If you've created your own doujinshi (fan manga) and would like to share it here, you're more than welcome to. Please use the same format for fiction posts as shown in the [ Introduction Post ] and make sure the pages are all behind a LJ-cut, though you're more than welcome to have a small preview image.
* |ADDENDUM| Crossovers are perfectly acceptable, as long as they are Division 10-centric, like everything else in this community. Sound fair? :3
* All materials posted must have a RATING of some sort. Anything that isn't worksafe had better have warnings on it.
* Please post fanfiction that is only in English. (If this community grows large enough, we will reconsider allowing fanfiction in other languages.)
Recommendations to good Tenth Division fanfiction from members who are not in this community that haven't applied.
Tenth Division fandom/fanfiction-related rants or discussion. This can include pairings-related posts, but remember: courtesy is key!
* Please do not try to stir up shipping wars; there are better places to do that instead.
* If your post includes images, please put them behind a LJ-cut. Small teaser thumbnail images (limit to 2 outside of a cut) are more than acceptable.
* Spoilers (mainly, anything from the manga that hasn't yet shown up in the anime) must have a warning label and must be behind a LJ-cut.
Any calls for Division 10-related fanfiction contests.
Tenth Division-related community advertising.

We cater to both gen fiction and to any pairings-fiction at this community, as long as they involve either one of our favorite Tenth Division members. However, we ask that all fiction posts are properly labeled with pairings (if any) and ratings. Please put your fanfiction behind a LJ-cut (fake cuts and links to off-site postings are also acceptable), and if your fiction is rated NC-17, make sure your post is locked to members only and has an adult content label on it. This is in compliance with LiveJournal's rules concerning posts that contain explicitly sexual material. If we find any unlocked/unflagged NC-17 material, we will lock/flag it and issue a reminder. Repeat offenses can result in rather unpleasant consequences; please do not break this rule.

Please go to the [ Introduction Post ] for information on how to format your fanfiction/doujinshi posts.

It would be a great idea to get a beta reader to look over your work first before you post it (or at least edit it yourself and use a spellchecker). Your readers will be much more appreciative if they're able to read your story without having to use a bad-grammar-decoder. (Obviously, minor errors are fine - we all make those - but anything that makes our eyes bleed isn't okay.) Also, we would like to ask that any fanfiction posted here is in ENGLISH ONLY. If our community grows and the demand for other-language fiction grows, we might start allowing it, but for now, English only please. :)

What you may NOT post here:
Introduction posts. We don't need them cluttering up the main pages; these will be deleted. If you are posting fanfiction here for the first time, feel free to mention that you're a new member if you so desire.
Posts that are not related to Tenth Division fanfiction in any way. There are other communities for such purposes.
Plagiarized fanfiction. Once we catch you, your post will be deleted immediately and you will receive a warning (and this is only in case the piece you posted is actually yours to begin with, which we don't forsee happening much). Give us flack about it or do it again, and you're out of the community.
Icons, doujinshi (unless it's your own!), scanlations, any sort of sales-related posts, etc. Again, there are other communities that allow these posts; please use them instead.
Off-topic community advertising.

In addition, please do not troll, spam, flame, or post anything derogatory to other groups or individuals. Any such posts or comments that violate the rules will be deleted without question.

If you have any furhter questions, feel free to contact your friendly maintainers:
Rinja (doomcake), Kel (taegan_kel), & Britt (britt)

But if you're too shy to leave comments at our journals, you can always reply to the [ Q&A Post ].

. : A F F I L I A T E S : .

hitsu_fans ; mathombox ; hitsu_whump
* Ice Dragons and Lotus Petals (off-site: FFnet C2 archive for Hitsugaya-centric fanfiction)

~ if you would like to affiliate, see [ here ] and follow the instructions.

Happy Posting!
♥ ~ Rinja, Kel, & Britt
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